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University admissions today are substantially more competitive than just a few years ago. The number of applicants is increasing while acceptance rates are declining. Leading universities now turn away 13 qualified candidates for every one admitted.  High standardized test scores and perfect grades no longer guarantee entry to top universities.

Today's students must creatively differentiate themselves from the rest of the highly-qualified applicant pool in order to be accepted.  New Ivies helps you compete. We leverage each student's unique strengths, identify which universities are the best fit, and help you attain that coveted acceptance from the best possible university. We help each student become a star candidate.

New Ivies works to guide you through the complex process of preparing for admission into the top universities of your choice. It's never too late to improve your odds of success, but the more lead time we have before the university application deadline, the more we can help you strengthen your profile. The most successful candidates begin this process one to two years prior to the application deadline, or even earlier if set on attending a top-tier US university.
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New Ivies produces proven results and helps students realize their potential and achieve their goals.


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Our Services

  • TOEFL/SAT Tutor
  • Unlimited Support
  • Arrange Activities
  • Register for Tests
  • Guidance with Teacher Selection for Recommendation Letters
  • Consultation on Information to Disclose
  • Coach is Available for the Unexpected
  • Coach Prepares Personalized Application Timeline for Applicant
  • Coach Conducts Follow-ups and Reminders
  • Polished,Compelling Essays
  • Counseling with School Selection
  • Strategies for Profile Packaging
  • Review and Makup of Resume
  • Extracurricular Activities List
  • Enhancement of Family Background
  • Insights for Crafting a Unique, Compelling Narrative
  • Advice on Designing the Overarching Story
  • Instructions on Addressing Special Circumstances
  • Admission Interview Coaching
  • Support with Inquiry Outside of Essays
  • Coach Assembles Document with Application and Admission Requirements
  • Coach Compiles a Document with all Essay Prompts for Ease of Access
  • Coach Prepares a Detailed Document with Deadlines for Essay Draft
after apply
  • Coach Get Visa
  • Coach Order Housing
  • Coach Do Immunization
  • Coach Buy Insurance
  • Coach Picking up
  • Consultation on Course Registration
  • Coach Pay the Tuition
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